Telemetery Control Unit

"The TCU combines automated pump control with advanced SCADA communications to provide a powerful, price-competitive solution."


Easy-to-use interface

With its simple interface and great documentation, this system can be set up with no previous knowlege of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs).

Configurable via a connected laptop or the on-board keypad, its intuitive operator interface presents the operation menu, set-point adjustment, fault resets, and status indication. The H.O.A. switches are fail-safe and remain functional even if the TCU is not powered.

System features redundant level sensing and configurable pump alternation with the ability to create multiple operation profiles.

Robust pump control

The TCU provides “off-the-shelf” control of a typical fixed speed pumping station and is customizable for Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) applications.

The TCU contains all of the necessary hardware and software to control pumps based on level input from floats, bubblers, or pressure transducers. An integrated True RMS AC phase monitor provides accurate three-phase voltage readings and under/overvoltage motor protection.

standard reports

Expandable I/O

SCADA-ready with open RS-485 Modbus Serial Radio Interface and ASCII protocols, the TCU is also available with optional factory integrated TAC II synthesized radio, network interface adapter, or telephone autodialer.

Backup battery

With a built-in rechargable battery,
you’ll never have to worry about power outage downtime.

unsurpassed warranty, updates and support

Unsurpassed warranty and support

We provide a 3-year warranty on our systems. This warranty even includes damage due to lightening!

You can take advantage of our free, 24-hour telephone support and on-site system training.

Also, we provide free factory support and software upgrades for the life of the system, assuring that you are never left behind.